MISSION:  Women sex workers for social equality, social justice, and human rights advocacy for the decrimininalization and regulation of sex work in Belize.


TIKKUN OLAM BELIZE VISION: A Belize where women sex workers are empowered by knowledge and choice, respected for their humanity, and not discriminated for their livlihood.

  • Our Partners

    We work hand in hand with our regional partners through the Network of Sex Workers in Latin America and the Caribbean, RedTraSex.

  • Serving Vulnerable Populations in Belize

    We coordinate outreach and education including health, economic and social empowerment, and legal advice to sex workers from all sub-populations throughout the country.

  • Protecting our Bodies and our Rights

    We advocate for equal rights and human rights of all sex workers and combat cases of human trafficking.


Sep. 5, 2016

Pickstock Park Clean Up Day and BBQ

Along with the Santitation Department we removed 5 dump truck loads of garbage from the Pickstock Park and public areas on August 27th! Everyone enjoyed the delicious BBQ and the park is now much safer and cleaner for the children.

Jul. 25, 2016

Satellite Table on Albert Street

On Friday, 15, July 2016 Tikkun Olam Belize coordinated an general public outreach intervention: Satellite Table. The tables set up in downtown Belize City, between 15:30 and 18:30 hours provided rapid blood sugar tests, by an accredited, licensed Paramedic who volunteered his time and equipment for the activity. TOB sincerely thanks Activity participants who helped organize and coordinate the Activity along with the Program Coordinator. This activity reached over 30 participants with basic information on TB, HIV, Nutrition & Diet, Blood Sugar Control tips, Condom usage tips & Condoms donated by the Cleopatra White VCT Centre and basic information about TOB. TOB hopes that timing, schedules and logistics allow partner agencies join this activity the in the future! TOB warmly welcomes any partner agency who may wish to join this activity. Please inbox for more information. In the meantime, TOB charges forward with our social duty to increase public awareness and stimulate civic engagement! Thank you to the amazing photographer who was keen on catching the moment!

What We Stand For

Interview with our Executive Director and Founder, Elisa Castellanos



Tikkun Olam Belize

56 Victoria Street

Belize City, Belize, Central America